Chalki construction company profile
CHALKI O.E. company was founded on 2002 at Thessaloniki Greece by George Eglezakis and Thomas Liatos who both have quite a big experience on government projects . The company focuses nowadays on house construction at the area of Chalkidiki - Greece.

The safety of the buildings, is our first concern among others, as the architectural sense and their operability, so our customers take advantage of the positioning, lighting, air circulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, liquid insulation and the surroundings in the best possible way.

We team up with the biggest suppliers from Greece and Europe with tested and guaranteed materials. Our constant updating on construction matters, ends up to be a guaranty in every project we take over.

The company lies on its know-how, its experience and its very good financial articulation.

HALKI O.E. is enrolled in the register of contractor businesses (MEEP) of the Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works (File Number MEEP 20994), Class ROAD CONSTRUCTION 2st BUILDING 2st HYDRAULICS 2st HARBOUR A2